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Too much "can't"

Question asked by Ed Burris on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by Jay Andrews
I've got a very large assembly that I've been trying to save as a .stp file all day. I open the assembly, and it says it has rebuild errors all the way down through 20 levels of the assembly tree. It doesn't, as evidenced by the fact that opening each sub-assembly (yes, ALL OF THEM) makes the problem go away. Just FYI, if I save and close, then re-open, the phoney rebuild errors return... I try to insert the assembly into a file, and it says that some parts have been saved in a rolled-back state (they haven't), and it can't insert the assembly. I have to open every sub-assembly to get rid of THAT issue. Then, when I try to save as, it hangs up and never finishes the save! Is there a way to GLOBALLY turn off all the "CAN'T" so we can get something done??? This is HORRIBLE. We've got unstable drawings with disappearing views, item balloons that come unstuck and display a "?", section views that randomly flip around, mind-numbingly slow performance, in addition to all the assembly headaches.... Going through the posts, it looks like everyone is dealing with the same grief, and it's getting worse. What happened to the marvelous product called SolidWorks that I used in 2000-2003????? Did they stop MAKING it??? Aren't they EVER going to FIX this stuff?????? I can't understand how they even stay in BUSINESS!!!