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4 questions on problems with the sweep and split command

Question asked by Ahmad Shumayal on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by J. Mather
Perhaps you can suggest a better way of doing it.


I had to make LHS and RHS guides differently because when I tried to do the same method as LHS, it would give the 'geometry with 0 thickness error'.


My main questions are as follows when viewing the Flutuador from the Popa.


1.Why does the geometry with 0 thickness error come on the right side (Sweep6 and Sweep7) when I do it like Sweep4 and Sweep5? No zero geometry error on Sweep4 and Sweep5. I solved the problem by making it a big geometry and then splitting it but I am curious why this error comes only on one side.
2. Why is Split tool consuming undesired bodies with the same trim surfaces and bodies on the LHS and not on the RHS? (Works as expected on right but not on left)
3. Why does the Hook appear when sweep has the same settings on both sides?
4. Why is the face merged on the outside walls (Section line, edge). I know how to merge and unmerge. But why does this happen only on the right side?