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Maybe a missing 5%?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by Matt Juric

Attached is a drawing and model for a part. In that part a hole was created using hole wizard for the hole and an extrude for the c'bore. 


This model was then passed on to the detailer who then used "hole callout" to dimension it because it looked like a C'bored hole.


When you do this however it does not reference the "hw" references created in the hole wizard because they don't exist. Instead it plops in the text of those dimensions. 


There are several things I find disconcerting about this. 

   1) It's a dimension...placed by SW, with no warning...really?

   2) That text, mysteriously with no indication is linked to the actual hole. If you change the hole it updates.

   3) That text link can be broken, look exactly the same as it did before it was broken and give no indication it was broken.


I messed with this for quite a while this AM. You can use "hole callout" on pretty much anything, extrudes/holes, Extrude/Extrude, Revolves and the dimension appears the same as it does with a HW hole. However when you examine the actual dimension text it plops in the dim and does not reference any linked dim. All of the above issues will then exist.


This seems like it's either missing the 5% that actually links the dims the same as it does when hole callouts for the HW or that it should at the very least throw up some sort of warning that your dimensioning a non hole wizard hole with a hole callout. Or it simply should not work, period.


This just seems broken to me and at best a half assed attempt to fix it by throwing in some mysterious link.