Robert O'Donnell

HW Upgrade for Flow Simulation (first time poster)

Discussion created by Robert O'Donnell on May 19, 2009
We are running SW2008 SP5 and SW2009 SP1, and cannot model flow through some of our more complicated parts and assemblies with XP and 2GB IBM single core workstations.

Because of some in-house advantages, we have a line on a 24 core (4 x six core Xeon) 32GB machine. My information says Vista (and XP) won't run more than two sockets, so I have to go to Server.

Since Server 2008 is on the same kernal as Vista 64, we thought we could run our flow simulations on this machine via the "Run at:" option.

Any tribal knowledge here that says don't bother? My risk here is mostly wasted time if this does not work.