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BOM - instance.KeepCurrentItemNumbers not changing!

Question asked by Husein Delic on Jul 8, 2020



I am trying to uncheck the "Do Not Change item number" box when my BOM table is inserted. Code runs through and nothing happens box stays checked. Here what I have currently:

Set swBomAnn = swView.InsertBomTable4(True, 0, 0, anchorType, bomType, sConfigName, bomTemplate, False, swNumberingType_e.swNumberingType_Flat, True)

Set swBomFeat = swBomAnn.BomFeature
swBomFeat.KeepCurrentItemNumbers = False 'Setting OFF "Do Not Change item number"

It would work if I manually pre-select the BOM table and add :

'Set swBomAnn = swDraw.SelectionManager.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1)

But I am looking to do it automatically. Any help is welcome!