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Can't delete part from assembly after deleting original .STEP file

Question asked by Yaroslav Mudritsky on Jul 7, 2020

As title, after I've deleted an unnecessary .STEP file from my main assembly, before deleting the part inside solidworks, I can't delete it inside my assembly.


Here's a screenshot of what I see, It's like a suppressed model but I'm unable, of course, to unsuppress it but also I can't delete it. I'd like to remove this part from assembly list since it's not necessary.



I've tried to search on forum and:

- I can't delete the file since there isn't this option (right click);

- I can't unsuppress;

- I can't break links because I don't have this option (right click);

- I can't restore the file since it was custom generated and I can't reproduce it.


Any idea on how to solve this problem?