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Missing correct answer button on all posts

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Jul 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by Nick Tzallas

***edit added request to mods to convert those three posts from discussions to questions****


Either I am doing something wrong or the forum UI has subtly changed in the last few weeks...


However, for some reason I do not get the "mark as correct answer" button any more on any of my posts


Mods, please see below my posts as examples, also below screenshot of what I see in the UI


Delete Drawing Layers Macro  - This one especially since the answer has actually been given.

Model Cleanup Macro 

Drawing Migration Cleanup Macro 


Screenshot showing existing post with missing "correct answer" button location highlighted


As correctly pointed out to me, I had neglected to specify those 3 posts above as "Questions" and instead were posted as "discussions"


If possible could the admins/mods please convert the above 3 posts to Question type? since i cannot not seem to do it from my end


Thank you


As per How do I do this SOLIDWORKS Forum thing?  Section 2.B.2, anything past the 15 minute mark cannot be converted