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Please translate what this means in beginner level explainations

Question asked by Kyle Thomson on Jul 6, 2020

I am trying to call in old data from a previous run. And I think this might be a solution to how to do it but I am just starting out and this looks like nonsense to me. Could someone break it down into easier explanations please.


'*************************************Calling in old data to define the thermal study*****************
'Dim instance As ICWThermalStudyOptions
'Dim value As System.Integer
'instance.UseTemperatureFromThermalStudy = value
'value = instance.UseTemperatureFromThermalStudy

''Says that the previous study was called thermal 1 for initializing initial conditions
'ThermalOptionsObj.ThermalStudyNameUsedForInitialTemperature = "Thermal 1"
'1 = Use initial temperature from the thermal study
'0 = Do not use initial temperature from the thermal study