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    Can dimensions cover/hide edges?

      Default out of the package SolidWorks drawing dimensions will cover up hatching in the surrounding area of the dimension. Can SW also be setup to cover edges also that are under/around the dimension value?

        • Can dimensions cover/hide edges?
          Probably 98% or more of our parts are cylindrical and our details drawings are simply section view of the part. At times we have parts that have so much ID and/or OD geometry that it is not feasible to NOT have dimensions overlapping edge on the ID of the drawign view. Our work around is to hide the edges being overlapped then manually draw in "fake" edges" which edge near the dimensions.
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              Mark Kaiser
              Wouldn't the proper solution be to enlarge the scale of the drawing so you have more room for dims? Detail views?

              Maybe if you upload a screenshot someone will have a better suggestion.

              I don't think there is a halo option (around dims) for model edges as there is for hatching.
                • Can dimensions cover/hide edges?

                  Mark Kaiser wrote:


                  Wouldn't the proper solution be to enlarge the scale of the drawing so you have more room for dims? Detail views?

                  It's a tough balancing act. When you have a 20 foot mandrel, with dozens and dozens of OD and ID profile geometries, with a maximum diameter difference of .250 and many within thousandsths of each other, it makes is challenging to enlarge the scale, because you then have to up your details views significantly as you loose some much detail in your parent view. We draw to a A-size template, and often these long part drawings will require multiple pages to squeeze everything in.

                  Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. I will pass information along and see if it provides any solutions for our situation.

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                      Steve Tietz
                      try this workaround... Virtual "white out"... Insert an OLE blank white bitmap image, size appropriately & put the dimension text on top of it... since OLE objects are on top of object lines & the dimensions can be infront -- this should give you the workaround you need without needing to manually create object lines... Here is the procedure:

                      1. open drawing
                      2. click INSERT - OBJECT
                      3. choose to insert a white BMP object (make sure the file dimensions are very small & set to monochrome to keep filesize down - otherwise drawing filesize will increase)
                      4. right click on this object & choose "SEND TO BACK" -- this is what puts it underneath dimension text but above object lines.. very important step...
                      5. Possition & size white square to be larger than the dimension text...

                      the black border shown on screen around the white object will not print... attached is a white monochrome BMP image file & a drawing example... only probem is that the object wont move with the drawing view nor the dimension text but easy to move back into place... You might be able to improve on these methods but hopefully this will provide a better workaround...
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                          This was a brilliant solution, but I am disspointed that in our application will not work as discribed.  Baker Engineering stores our SW files in SmarTeam.  Manufacturing pulls prints from a drawing vault that is a collection "still images" (ie. Tiffs) of the SW drawings.  When the automated Tiff generator does its thing it apparently places the OLE bitmaps back on top of the dimensions, thus concealing the dimension.  Print outs from SW look great though.  I am going to try working with our IT support on the "tiff-generator" to see if we can find a fix.

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                    David Edwards
                    In my experience, default SW settings aren't actual ANSI/ISO compliant. You need to basically either know what it should be or buy some ANSI standards and conform to the standard that you want to use.
                    • Can dimensions cover/hide edges?
                      Kelvin Lamport
                      SW has a couple of options which would alleviate your problem;

                      Display Only Cut Surfaces .... the features beyond would not be shown.

                      Section Depth .... limits the feature details shown beyond the section cut.