Kyle Blough

Link Cut-List Properties To File Properties Using Generic Input?

Discussion created by Kyle Blough on Jul 6, 2020

Hello Folks,


I have been working on trying to link the cut-list properties to the drawing while keeping the property generic so a macro can easily enter the info without adding a lot of extra lines (Not a macro expert).  I found out away to do this; just not sure if its a bug or actual feature (meaning its there by design).  I am running 2019 SP5, and was hoping someone using 2020, can see if this is a bug or a feature?


If MyPart.sldprt is my parts file name, then MyPart.SLDPRT has always been needed to link the cut-list to the part file.  I found that MyPart in the MyPart.sldprt can be anything (just cannot be blank,"LENGTH@@@Cut-List-Item1@.SLDPRT"  will not work).  Meaning, if I file name is MyPart, and I enter the Test as my part name, ("LENGTH@@@Cut-List-Item1@Test.SLDPRT") it will automatically change to the file name.


To try it out, just enter Length (Property Name), Text (Type), and n (Value / Text Expression) then just hit OK to close the window.  Then just go right back into the properties window and it should be changed to "LENGTH@@@Cut-List-Item1@Part2.SLDPRT" automatically.  On thing to look out for, if you do not enter Length (Property name) correctly, the value will not stay when you close and reopen.  I am referring to capitalization specifically and spelling.


This dove tails into the other cut-list properties, material, description, quantity, total length; even sheet metal properties as well.


Can someone else try this in 2020 and see if its reproachable?  I would love to add one line of code to my macro that assigns my properties.  This way I can now have the cut-list info on the PDM BOM excel export without taking the time to enter the length, description, quantity, etc for each file.