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Can you create a surface using a 3D sketch

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Jul 6, 2020
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Excuse me for being a noob with surfaces but is it possible to create a surface using a 3D sketch?


Here's some context. I don't know how to work with surfaces but I'm the one in charge of deroughing bought components.


This particular bought component, is having a problem with one of it's surfaces, that for some reason won't ''bend'' to follow the rest of the surface. I even have the correct surface displayed, it's just not following the rest of the body.


So I figured I'd delete the surface and recreate it, but I have no idea how to process. I tried using the extend surface command, tried using the knitting tool. Here's some images:


Problematic surface:



Deleted the face and created a 3D sketch from the edges, but stuck there: