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STEP file imports as an empty assembly

Discussion created by Samuel Wiest on Jul 6, 2020
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I am trying to import this STEP file from a supplier, but I have the same issue as this thread.

Import .STEP files error 

Every time I import the file, it goes through all of the parsing steps, then creates an assembly with no parts inside, entirely empty. In the thread I mentioned before, the issue was able to be solved with templates. I have mine at the default settings, and I have no clue what to change to fix this issue.

I've been able to convert the STEP into an STL which solidworks can open, but then there are a ton of gaps that wont' heal. I'm able to open the STEP file just fine with FreeCAD, so I don't think that its the file itself that is the problem.

If anyone can find out what the issue is, or can recommend a file format that will import properly, it would be greatly appreciated.

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STEP file imports as an empty assembly