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How can I create a BOM that shows me the complete QTY of sub assemblies?

Question asked by Max Moody on Jul 6, 2020
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Is there a way to create a BOM list that shows the complete QTY total of every sub assembly regardless of how many assemblies there are that it is in? (I was told by a coworker that if a sub assembly is inside of an assembly that there are multiples of, it won't count all of the sub assemblies)


My ultimate goal is when I'm creating print packs I need to label the quantity of every part, assembly, and weld assembly for manufacturing.  It starts to get tricky when I have multiple weld assemblies, especially when the same weld assembly is in separate assemblies.  How can I make a document that just straight up shows me how many sub assemblies are in an assembly I created with multiple assemblies and multiple assemblies inside of those?


This is what happens to me (hopefully this example makes sense)


A (QTY 1)


> A.1 (QTY 1)

   >A.1.1 (QTY 5)

      >A.1.1.1 (QTY 5)

> A.2 (QTY 1)

   >A.1.1 (QTY 10)

      >A.1.1.1 (QTY 10)


But when I make the BOM it only shows A.1.1.1 as having 2 QTY, even though it correctly shows that A.1.1 has QTY 15