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Queue Disaster

Discussion created by Peter Hildebrandt on Jul 3, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2020 by Brian Hillner

I did something monstrous today: I tried to use the PRO-Feature Queue.

And it was the same as with all version since 2016. It doesn´t work.
At last it should be 9 files, but after uploading 5 files, i aborted. There´s no point in that.
Trying to upload a region rendering failed every time "Unable to connect to the local queue", uploading the complete render failed 3 times "Unable to connect to the local queue". It took nearly 1 hour to get this amazing result.
I started the queue and only 45minutes later i could admire this screen.
Yeah, that must be a pro-feature.



That the queue doesn´t work is well known, just have a look into the forum.
When i remember right, the last working version was Vis 2016.Now we are 4 main versions and 18 service packs later and nothing happenend!
My question to the Vis Staff: when can we expect a fully functional queue?
Just tell us the year.