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BOM Item Numbers: Is there a difference between hiding and deleting a row/column?

Question asked by David Stark on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2009 by David Stark
I have a two sheet drawing of the same assembly which has 100+ parts.
Each sheet has different views and the part numbers are in alpha-numeric order.

I tried to hide and delete items (rows) from the BOM on each sheet and sort starting from 1. The item numbers still have a gap.

What is the difference between Hide and Delete?

I checked out two threads "BOM Item Numbers" and Renumbering a BOM".
The "Do not change item number" check box is not checked and under the BOM properties the items start at 1.

I created a new column and added S2 to the cell for each item I don't want on sheet 1. Then I sorted it by this new column and then by the part number. This worked but it is very time consuming.

Shouldn't hiding or deleting the row, then sorting with renumbering do the trick?

One step further:

If there are 10 washers total how can I get the quantity on BOM sheet 1 to be 4 and the quantity on BOM sheet 2 to be 6 and keep the parametrics?