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Is there a method to bulk download multiple parts from the Content portal?

Question asked by B. Kranenburg on Jul 2, 2020

I'm just starting off with SWE, and i'm filling up my library with parts. I'm having a little trouble with the content portal though. While there's lots of convenient libraries, some manufacturers with loads of parts have their stuff divided in categories and single parts, and then I can only seem to download things part for part instead of per library.


For instance, I want to download all the connectors from the Deutsch HDP20 series from TE connectivity, but I can only do so one connector at a time. And when doing so, going back to the results after downloading a part, it resets me to page 1 of the 2500 results, so I have to keep track of the last connector I downloaded. Finally, the prep time for a download also takes the website a minute or so.


Downloading hundreds of parts is gonne be tediously slow to the point it's undoable. I'm sure there must be a better way to do this, to bulk download an entire series of parts or something?