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Drawing Migration Cleanup Macro

Discussion created by Nick Tzallas on Jul 2, 2020
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I know this has been asked before in several different combinations and permutations over the years


Recently we have migrated from 2016 WGPDM to PDMPro 2020

As you might imagine there is a vast amount of legacy CAD DATA that has not been upgraded/cleansed prior to migration.

I would like to create a little macro for my users to help the model and drawing "cleansing/version upgrade" become a little easier


A few points to make:

  • I am aware of the File version upgrade tool that could be batch run on the server. However our data is so old and so mixed up in legacy SW versions that running it causes error or failures, have tried on a sample selection of files, did not work. 
  • #TASK is not a possibility for us in terms of batch processing this, or using their built in macros template switch macro, since they have recently upgraded to a paid tier version, therefore excluding as an option
  • My macro skills are novice to none.
  • SW API is not an option (my skills there are non-existant)

On Currently open drawing:

  1. Saves current file (to convert to latest SW version)
  2. Deletes all drawing layers. Please see my post here
  3. Prompts user with drafting standard selection. Drafting standards managed by Vault. Local vault view root varies between client machines (c:\, d:\), so prompt should be "drive agnostic" or %root vault view folder%
  4. Applies selected drafting standard
  5. Applies specific sheet format to all sheets (sheet formats managed in vault see above %root vault view folder%)
  6. Deletes any existing revision tables on all sheets
  7. Applies new specific revision table (vault managed see above %root vault view folder%) to Sheet 1 (Rev Table anchor point)

The idea would be to eventually map this to a macro button on the tool bar and deploy it to users via administrative image, hence the importance of %root vault view folder% mentioned above (I believe that would be the way?)


Thank you for any help you might be able to provide