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New to Sheetmetal - How do I close reliefs?

Question asked by Jonathan Gwinn on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by ömür tokman

Hey everyone! 

I work at a manufacturing company that emphasizes on aluminum fabrication. We've recently purchased a plasma table to cut flat pattern parts on. Currently, to get our flat pattern, we are drawing the parts flat rather than using the sheetmetal tool. I've frankly had issues getting to be a quick, effective solution without large reliefs, or gaps resulting in larger welds and cranky welders. 


I've attached a sample "tank" below, this would be made of 0.125" 3003 aluminum. What is the best way to go about flattening this model without odd reliefs or gaps? I need this to have corners about touching (I know they can't touch at all). I know this is possible since we used to cut these with just a band saw. 

Also, important to note, we usual manual hand brake to bend these parts currently.


I'm all on board for suggestions and tips. Thanks for your time.