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PLEASE add your name to this sensible enhancement!

Discussion created by P. Farnham on Jul 3, 2020
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Hi All, 


Enhancement Request 1-22863393466 has been created for this issue.


Why isn't this even as standard action in PDM professional?


I have a folder that has many sub-assemblies that are shared to different higher assemblies.

I can't select one of these sub-assemblies and say print all the drawings used to make this sub-assembly, either as Solidworks drawings or the PDF's created form the Solidworks drawings!!!! 

This is utter madness and requires a lot of messing around to print the drawings required.


Solidworks PDM professional is not a cheap product and not being able to select and print related drawings is pathetic!

I don't want to buy another product that can do this, why would or even why should I need too?


Please bounce this around.


Many thanks