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Hole Wizard Favorites Not Setting Tolerance / Favorites Database Editing

Question asked by Dale Slotman on Jul 1, 2020

Hello all,

We recently "upgraded" to SW2020SP3 from SW2019SP3 and were surprised to find that our hole wizard favorites for dowel holes no longer have the ability to set press fit / slip fit tolerances.  I am aware that there is an SPR for this (1150428), and my VAR included me on it.
My question here is for anyone who may have played around with editing the hole wizard favorites database using DB Editor for SQLite or similar.  Would anyone happen to know if there's a variable that controls the tolerance type for the diameter of the hole (basic, bilateral, symmetric, fit, etc).  I would need to be able to set this to "fit" using the favorites.  I'd think it'd be something like "hole_tol_typ" or similar, but I can't get anything to work.