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How do I contain in-context parts in an exploded view where the reference is a multibody that has its own exploded state?

Question asked by Kevin Gruscinski on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Kevin Gruscinski

I have this small assembly comprised of 2 multibody parts, and 1 of which has an exploded view at the part level (using the exploded view command, not a series of move/copy body commands). The multibody without the exploded view is designed in context of the assembly, utilizing geometry of bodies of the other part. I am trying to create an exploded view of the assembly, but things go wrong when I re-use the part's exploded view. It seems that the body that references the other part is affected when the bodies of the other part are moved.


Does SWX not break references in the exploded view command? It doesn't make sense that it would try to keep them, but I cannot figure out how to get around this. Furthermore, this issue exists in the parent assembly of this assembly where there are different in-context part designs that reference other multibody parts that have exploded views. I have attached a few screenshots depicting the problem, and I have added the parts/assembly to a .zip file for others to try to recreate the problem. The suppressed parts (not included) will not be a part of the exploded view.


The body that breaks is highlighted in green, and that part also includes the opaque body (in the classic SWX gray). The transparent part has an exploded view at the part level. The first screenshot shows the untouched configuration, and the second screenshot shows the part following clicking on "reuse part explode" (the broken part is in the box; it loses its appearance when it breaks (which suggests to me that it is read as a different body than the original)). Force rebuilding doesn't do anything. Exiting the exploded view without saving doesn't update the broken part, but a force rebuild at that time returns the broken body to its correct place/size.


What should I do in this situation?