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CSWP Segment 3 error in Question

Question asked by Manikandan Muthuq on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Matt Peneguy

Hi all, I am relatively very new to this forum so bear with me for any mistakes. Yesterday I took my CSWP exams where I came across a weird scenario and a big mistake from Solidworks. As I was taking my CSWP Segment 3, first two questions went OK and the third question was a MCQ where I couldn't able to match the COG values given against my model. I was constantly rechecking all the mates but still cannot obtain the answers. When Roll back to the previous questions, I found that the Base model given and the image shown doesn't correlate at all. When Zoomed in, it clearly states that the Cut extrude feature present in the base model is much smaller than it showed in the image. I tried flipping the mates and tries every other possibility as I was stuck in the third question itself out of 11 Qn's (50 min left out). I am 100% sure that the base model given was wrong but How could i prove it? Now, I have lost my exam credit and failed helplessly. I have the exam question screenshots and models given to me. Iam not sure, whether i can post those things for better clarity. Can anyone guide me in this regard??!!cswp test solidworks certification