Diamond shaped Knurl

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 6, 2006
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Thank you Doctor, for your response on the other issue.
Regarding the modeled knurl.
I know it consumes memory and processing power, I have no choice, in that the Knurl 1 and Knurl 2 offered by SWX Textures utility is of unacceptable quality and very out of focus. I will have to live with the slow down and the terrible render time, if I do render it. The quality of an actual model is a must in this case, because the cuts must be sharp to a point. I know this creates a million facets, but it can't be helped. In any event the challenge of learning the procedure is part of my learning curve. Fortunately I have 2 GB of Ram, and 2.5 of Processing power.I also realize that it may not be enough.
Thanks again.