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moved to new vault, how to change the vault that Solidworks PDM Add-in get serial number from?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Jeff Sweeney

Hello,  We have Solidworks 2019SP4 and PDM Pro.  Using Serial number in Soldiworks with the PDM Add-in to get a serial number file name when file saved into vault. 

We recently moved to a new vault and I cannot change the vault that the Solidworks PDM Add-in gets it serial number from.  The only way that allows me to set them for the file types is to sign into Vault as the System Administrator.  That is not practical as we have computers in several locations, I'm not inclined to hand out the PDM admin password.

I can select a vault from the dropdown, but cannot check the checkboxes or select serial number (node) from dropdown.






We are using an Admin Installation Image, not sure if that matters, I couldn't see where the settings manager touched on the PDM Add-in.


Open to suggestions, Hopefully I'm just missing something.

Thank you.


Edit: 20200701 moved from Administration to Data Management, I put it in wrong forum first, sorry.