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Extrude upto surface or specified depth

Question asked by Richard Puckett on Jun 30, 2020

Hey guys, I am trying to extrude upto a surface that is never the same. My current macro goal is to make a bounding box, prompt user to select a face to offset that box on that plane, extrude that box upto a surface at the opposite extreme or extrude to a specified distance. I have the bounding box, offset box working and am struggling with the extrude command. I assumed i should be able to associate my sketch name with a extrude feature then extrude that. Can anyone help me figure out the last layer of my code? I posted a code that will work on a specific part just doesnt work on any part which is my goal and it will not go to the extreme as in if i have 3 layer cake it only does 2 layers.


Feel free to use this code if you like also


Bonus points would be help clean up my prompt user to select a surface. I have to tell the user to select accept that then user selects a surface and i have to end the criteria with a user . I would like it to be when user selects surface it continues running the macro, kind of a no mistake scenario(proper training).


Thanks for any and all help