Stephen Soper

Why is it so difficult to install PDM on a single laptop?

Discussion created by Stephen Soper on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Stephen Soper

Look at the title? Just bought Premium and installed SW in minutes. no problems. Then to get PDM installed i get sent a 200 page manual!


And that pays absolute lip service to installing it on a single laptop. I am a single person company so have no need for servers etc and want to take the product with me without need to connect to a LAN/WAN whatever.


Trudge through installing X, Y, Z etc and eventually get to create a vault and despite using every known connotation of the login used for the Server Management Console to connect with to Create New Vault it either bombs out with invalid username/password or just cannot connect.


Now the VAR says they can quote to help me install it!  Just paid out enough to buy a decent 2nd hand car on a licence and support and now expected to pay extra to get software I've paid for to be installed by them!  Probably easier to learn FEA than install this