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PDM History of a file (VBA)

Question asked by Kevin Hill on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by Kevin Hill

I'm struggling with recreating the examples found here in help file in VBA.  Can anyone share a small piece of code or words of advice to get me passed a bump?


I can't seem to find out how to return the ppoRethistory value (In VBA) for this portion of the "GetHistories_Click" Subroutine.


            Dim ppoRethistory() As EdmHistoryItem = Nothing
            history.GetHistory(ppoRethistory, EdmHistoryType.Edmhist_FileVersion)

Ultimately, I'm writing a status report and I'm being asked to find the Latest workflow state that the file has been in.  Think of it like a one-way check-valve even if the file was sent back to a WIP state while in review, it should report the review state.  Getting the current state is easy and doesn't need to go through this history comparison.