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Creating a solid object from .obj for 3-D printing

Question asked by David Rudolf on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Paul Salvador



I am attempting to convert an .obj file to a solid body so that I can edit it in solidworks and add it to an assembly I am creating. I have run into a problem where the mesh file will only be shown as surfaces. There appears to be some open contours and intersecting surfaces which are making it impossible to convert to a solid.


I have tried running import diagnostics, but solidworks is not able to repair the errors. I also tried converting the file to a solid with meshmixer, but there are still problems when I try to select surfaces.


There are two files which are almost identical. The first one, "yy desk", I am able to open and convert to a solid. The second one, "... with chair", has a slight modification but cannot be opened. Can anyone help me repair these surfaces so that it can open as a solid?