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Multi-line Value in Custom Property Tab Builder

Question asked by Zhen Wei Tee on Jun 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2020 by Zhen Wei Tee

Is it Possible to define a multi-line value (value with line break) in custom property tab builder? 


For example, 

When the user choose Option 2, I want to create a custom property with value 




I understand that i can create the line break manually using ALT+010 when i defining the value manually in custom property, but this does not seem to work in custom property tab builder....


Is there any way to create multi-line value when using custom property tab builder? 


The only workaround that i can think of now is to create a "Dummy" property manually (with line break) in the part template and have the value of Option 2 linked to the "Dummy" property when selected... 

This will get messy if the user did not start the part with the part template but decide to use the custom property tab created... 


PS: Solidwork 2016