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Resolved: request Realview AO turntable macro

Question asked by Neil Larsen on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2009 by Deepak Gupta
Hey folks I have a request for someone who knows the SW API.
I have a need to do the following and I want to know if it is possible and if someone might try this and kindly donate a macro to the SW community.

I need to save a sequence of screen captures to disk to make a simple movie to loop (the later stage most likely done in Blender's sequencer).
With Realview AO turned on I want to do a screen capture then rotate the model view about vertical axis say 3 deg (like by arrow keys) wait for the AO to recalculate and save a new image with the sequence no. appended in the name.. rotate again save etc until 360 is done.
the end result is 120 ( in this case) images saved in a folder.
I am not sure how SW does AO it might make a bad animation but I would like to try.
The model also needs to show perspective on and set lighting etc- just as you view the 3d window ordinarily and capture it.
I am anticipating it would take about 5-6min pc+graphics card running time to do this sequence.
If the SW camera function was set up to capture image aspects at useful sizes it would help here but unfortunately thats not done yet so I would just be taking the 3d window as it comes.
In my case thats ex 1920x1200 minus toolbars FM etc although I suppose you could make it full screen and run the macro by hotkey assignment.

There is a possibility in the future SW might incorporate faux 'real time' global illumination so this might be extended to cover that as well at some stage.

thanks to any takers