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Lock Flip Direction of Section View?

Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Jun 29, 2020
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Is there a way to lock the Flip Direction of a section view in a Drawing?

I was just spending a relaxing few minutes inserting a few revision clouds into a detailed view and accidentally flipped the section ( think with a keyboard command though I don't know what I pressed!). Even after I've flipped it back I've lost several dimensions on the view and some of it's child views! Luckily I didn't lose much just closed the drawing without saving and re-opened it. 


Also would be nice if there was some sort of indicator in the  for which way the view was flipped (like if the "Flip Direction" button was dark or light...) because in this case the section was taken from a hidden view so there was no way to tell that the flip was the problem. Only from my vast experience screwing things up was I able to quickly figure out what I had done....