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Diffrent hole pitches

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 19, 2009 by Josh Brady
What would be realy handy is the ability to have diffrent hole pitches in the same feature

Ie on the x dim 3 holes at 150mm then 1 at 250 then 6 at 58mm
on the y dim 2 at 50 3 at 64

The drilling software we use has this ability and its a DOS based programme where we put the first hole in then give it a distance for the holes pitches on x & y

The hole data we add for the above would look like this x=3@150;1@250;6@58
Y= 2@50;3@64. This programme would then add holes at the given pitches.

Would any one else find this useful and if so can we get it added to the wish list

Mark (solidworks 2009)