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Macro Button - Unresponsive on first press

Question asked by Mark Soldan on Jun 28, 2020

If I press any MACRO BUTTON while I have part of a TABLE selected, it will do nothing on the first press.  On the second press, it will work properly.


It doesn't matter what the macro is.  I have been testing with the following VBA code:

Sub main()
Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
   Debug.Print "Hello World"
End Sub


This happens if I have selected a cell, row, column, or range of cells, rows, or columns.  If I select an entire table, it behaves properly.  I have observed this behavior with General Tables, Revision Tables, and BOM Tables.  I have not tested other types of tables.


I have been observing this behavior on many different drawing files, using many different macros, over many months.  I have spent a good chunk of this weekend trying to figure out why it happens or trying to discover a work-around, with no luck.


SW2017 SP5.0


Thanks in advance.