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Hiding a part feature in an assembly drawing

Question asked by Philip Prendeville on Jun 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by Glenn Schroeder

I'm wondering is it possible to hide a feature of a part within an SW Assembly Drawing Document (.DRW). The structure of the assembly is as follows: Top Level Assembly > Sub Assemblies.


Within the drw assembly drawing I want to hide a roof panel which is modelled as a feature of a part, the part being in a subassembly. The roof is not an individual part itself so I cannot simply hide it.


I have created a configuration of the part where it has the roof panel hidden. However, from the assembly drawing (drw) it is not possible to select the configuration of this individual part. Do I need to add in a configuration of the assembly itself? One that shows the roof panel, the other that shows it hidden? Is there an easier way of hiding/suppressing this feature?