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Simulation Question that's thought challenging

Question asked by Kyle Thomson on Jun 26, 2020

Hi all,


     I am trying to create an accurate simulation for flow of water going through a pipe underground that then gets exposed to some mechanical systems and gains or looses energy and goes back into the beginning  of the pipe at a new temp. I am trying to store the output temp to excel and do the mechanical systems delta T there. So to clarify the model in solid works has some start flow Temperature, it gets to the end of the pipe, value is averaged and exported to excel, then adjustment for HVAC in Excel, all properties of the previous iteration are kept except for input water temp for which the new value is read by solidworks and the circle keeps going for 8700 values/iterations. I am trying to make this a VBA loop but dont know the best way to model the water since my company doesn't utilize flow simulator.  Currently, i made a 1 unit long block of water in a pipe underground and am trying to run it using that with little success. Any ideas would be appreciated. This is also my first week using solidworks simulations and vba so the more detailed the answer the better.


Thank you,