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Is there a place where file property "value/text expressions" syntax is shown?

Question asked by Shawndra Products on Jun 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by Shawndra Products

I am trying to get a pipe length to automatically be displayed in a BOM, driven from the part feature (where length is inputted). I can do this for the most part but if I extruded in 2 directions (from center) the formula does not work. I need to know more about how to add a dimension to a value/ text expression to get this to work. Do I need to use a global variable or can I just adjust the expression? I use both 1 direction config and 2 direction configs in the same part.

The above is my normal expression that works great. If the part is extruded in one direction of "x" it changes the evaluated expression. If I extrude in 2 directions it only gives 1/2 the value. How can I get the expression to work for both types? Global variable of some type?