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Installation of Solidworks taking hours and now stuck at 59%.

Discussion created by Tindaro Mirabile on Jun 26, 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum. I just created it for this problem I'm having.


Premise: I've already installed Solidworks 6 months ago but I had to delete it for some reasons and now I'm trying to install it again. I downloaded the file from the official site, with a serial number as well (I'm a university student) and after unzipping the file and downloading it I have the first problem: it says that two versions of Microsoft Visual C++ can't be installed (I read somewhere that it says this because they are already installed with windows 10). Ignoring this errors I go ahead with the installation, that is unbelievably slow. It took about 7 hours to reach 59% and now is stuck at this percentage and I don't know what to do. Is there a way to overcome this? When I installed Solidworks the first time (months ago) I didn't have this problem...Please help me because I need this software to work for an university exam. Thanks.