Scott Baugh

Data Validation drop down disappears

Discussion created by Scott Baugh on Jun 25, 2020

I have a design table in an assembly and it controls newly created configurations per project. It can create a new configuration by a few selections and a button. I noticed today that all my Data validation lists disappear after I close out the table. The table is a macro-enabled spreadsheet so that is not causing the issue.



I always open the DT table in "Edit in Window". The only thing I have found that causes the Data validation to be completely removed is by having the DT feature "Allow Edits" selected.


Why does "Allowing model edits to update the DT" wipe out Data validation cells that are not being changed, not in the DT itself, and they are not driven from the DT (reference data is on the 2nd sheet manually added)? 


Turning off the option once it was turned on does not fix the issue I have to re-add all Data Validation lists manually. I tried copying the cells to another location, but copy and pasting back to the original cells doesn't work.


SW2019 SP5


Anyone else seen this or knows if it's fixed in 2020?