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Detached dimensions on drawings of multi-body components

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by Gordon Rigg

I created a set of components in one multi-body part.

I then have a drawing of one of the bodies.

But I find that any minor edit of the multi-body, even when it shouldn't affect the body in question, causes lots of dimensions on its drawing to detach and go brown.

No they don't sort themselves out with rebuilds.



This multi-body technique should be a great time saver and ease the design process, but I find it full of issues that consume all the time and effort (and more) than it saves (even after constructing macros and workarounds to fill in some the yawning gaps in functionality).

It seems to me that it works great in a carefully devised tutorial or demo but when you try and use it for an actual design, and make drawings that enable manufacture,  it just falls over every time with utterly predictable stuff that just hasn't been fully or sensibly implemented.


This is another nail in its coffin for me. It is just a job half done to look good in a presentation, it doesn't really work in anger (but there is no shortage of anger created).

SW2019 sp4.


Although this problem was repeatable it went away after a serious issue with looping rebuild of one of the components in my assembly. Looping rebuild of toolbox part