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Solidworks Task Scheduler stopping before completing queue

Question asked by Kale Phillipson on Jun 24, 2020

I've been having inconsistent trouble when using Solidworks Task Scheduler. Often for work i'll schedule a bunch of renders to begin processing after I leave for the day to avoid taking up processing power for when I need my computer during the day. I'll set the time for the first render and every subsequent render i'll tick the "Start after previous task" box, SW Task Scheduler seems to have a mind of its own for when these tasks will actually get done and it will often leave a bunch of tasks remaining when I get to work in the morning even though there was more than enough time to complete them. This behavior is seemingly random, sometimes it'll get through only a couple, sometimes it will get through 10 or more and other times it'll work as expected.

On my most recent attempt I set 15 renders to process with the first starting at 5:46 pm with all others to start after the previous one completes. According to the logs from the completed renders, the first one started 12 minuets past the scheduled start time (confused to why it starts 12 mins late, but not a major inconvenience). Render #9 had a start time of 11:09pm and finished at 12:30am, renders 10 to 15 did not start after this.

In the past if I leave the Task Scheduler running it will do a couple renders the next night, but this is not ideal as it seems to have no rules or triggers for when it starts tasks even thought the parameters were set to complete all at once. I've attached a couple screen shots showing the above attempt.