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I'm concerned my company hasn't implemented PDM correctly

Question asked by Jonathan Nute on Jun 24, 2020
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When my company purchased SolidWorks PDM we were promised it would be straightforward and not time-consuming, but it's been everything but! We're using SolidWorks PDM to version control all of our documents, from SolidWorks drawings, parts and assemblies to COSHH forms and Work Instructions and that's fine, but in order to change any of these documents we are also required to complete an associated Change Request document which also goes through an approval loop and needs to include the original file's document number. So for every document update, two approval loops need to be completed and the documents need to be cross-referenced which involves opening up two instances of Windows Explorer so you can get the relevant document numbers.


Is this standard procedure? Are the Change Request forms necessary? I'm really hoping we've overlooked some functionality in SolidWorks PDM.