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    View data card without file access

      I would like users to be able to see a file data card while denying them the ability to open the file the data card references.

        • View data card without file access
          Steve Ostrovsky
          I believe the best you're going to get is turning on "Read File Contents" and turning off "Check Out File" in the User Permissions. I don't think there's anyway you can keep them from copy/paste to an external folder.

          But, you have to turn Read File Contents for them to click on the file and see the Data Card. This will also allow them to use the View tab and see the file. You may be able to disable the Viewer somehow, but I'm not sure how.

          Hope that gets you started.
          • View data card without file access
            That's pretty much what I figured.

            I would like to us Enterprise to create employee folders which would be visible to all staff. I've created a file data card which creates the folder and creates a XLS in that folder. The data card associated with the XLS uses conditional tabs which determine which data is presented based on permissions level. Confidential info is contained in the XLS, so the file itself needs to be locked down.

            Since this doesn't appear possible, I'll just plug the data into the folder data card.