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Static simulation on lifting frame

Question asked by Matthew Permintella on Jun 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Ryan Dark

Hi Everyone,


First post of many to come I’m sure, I’m fairly new to the simulation aspect of solid works and I’m unable to get my model to stabilize, so it will not run.

The model is a lifting beam, on slings with angled of 45 degrees, I have used fixed geometry on axis for the lugs at 62.69 angle, due to it having a sling angle of 45 degree, From the size of the model is calculated as that - unsure if this is correct.

I've applied a force of 3500N to the lower outside lugs in the -Y direction.

I am unable to stabilise the model due to not being able to restraint the beam with reference geometry as it is beams.  I think it is due to the lugs not being locked down enough. But unsure how to achieve this as not will fix to the beam aspect of the model.

First thing I have made using the weldments feature and I have noticed things are slightly different.

Any help would be massively appreciated I gone over it a first time from scratch hoping to catch something I have missed.


I have attached the model hoping for some help,  thanks guys.



Attached picture  on 4 slings.  equal loading of 1.5 tonne pulling vertically on corner deck plates.