Raul Borobio

Missing and spontaneous parts in a CREO assy imported with 3D Interconnect

Discussion created by Raul Borobio on Jun 23, 2020


I'm importing a CREO 4.0 assembly with 3D Interconnect.

If I check the 'Ignore hidden entities', two parts doesn't get imported. They are visible and unsuppressed in CREO.


If I replace those components in CREO, then, the replaced parts doesn't import in SW.



If I uncheck the 'Ignore hidden entities', all parts get imported but I get some spontaneous extra parts not included in CREO assy, but contained in the main assy path. Maybe the assembly contained that part at any time.


I can't share any file. Somebody has experienced this behavior?



Thank you in advance.

Best Regards