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Configurations wont display correctly in drawings

Question asked by Brian Enright on Jun 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by Kyle Blough

I have created an assembly file for a product (window). It is my goal to utilize a design table to drive the dimensions of the assembly using a design table. This way I can create an entire set of windows for a job as configurations within one assembly file (and display drawings as sequential sheets in one drawing document). 


In order to do this I started by creating a sketch (the 'master sketch') within the assembly that denotes the rough opening the window will fit into (see image 1).


Next, all window components were modeled to contain a sketch that relates its size/shape to the rough opening (image2). Components were then brought in and mated/fixed in place. Using the 'edit component' feature in the assembly the 'cutout' sketches in the parts were linked to the master sketch by making the four corner points coincident to the 4 points of the master sketch. So far there are no problems with this method; when the master sketch is changed the components follow suit (image3).


I then created two configurations of the assembly for the two different basic window styles (mitered corners & radius corners, see image 4). These will become the parent configurations and the desired windows to be created will become derived configurations (so I don't have to choose the appropriate configuration for each component individually in my design table).


Now the design table fun begins: A design table is created with columns to control the dimensions of the master sketch:

A1: lower left angle dim, A4 lower right angle dim, W1 width at bottom, etc. (see image 5). There are also columns for custom properties & configuration specific properties that I will wish to display on my drawings. The design table creates the desired configurations, so far so good.


However, this is where I run out of luck. I can not get the configurations to display properly on drawing sheets. When I change from one config. to another the assembly master sketch will update but the components will not rebuild / display correctly.


I have tried rebuilding the drawing manually (ctrl + b, ctrl +q, ctrl + shft + q). I have tried enabling and disabling automatic rebuild. I have turned on the ‘Verification on rebuild (enable advance body checking)’ setting. I have tried using other drawing templates. I have checked to make sure my part file templates are new (they are were created when I installed SW'19). Nothing I do makes the components display their correct configuration on the drawing sheet, even though all the configurations display properly in the assembly.


Any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a copy of the drawing, assembly & components.


Alternately, if you have a suggestion of a better method to construct my assembly to give me the desired functionality I am all ears. Thanks!