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Use ASM & PRT reference sketches in drawing & SW limitation

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Jun 23, 2020

Issue: Buggy behaviour and 5% productivity ( JUST TO MAKE SURE. NOT MISSING 5% - LACKING 95% !!!) of SW drawing functions.


My main issues with SW drawing functionality. Often slow, often works only in a very narrow window.
Maybe someone at SW responsible for drawing environment reads this. And please don't tell me
to fill out a SPR enhancement. Instead explain to me why SW can't handle this. Using sketches
and blocks is a most benenficial way to reduce modeling overhead. Especially in large asm.
Too bad SW is not capable to provide simple functionality like dimensioning & selection.

Maybe someone can test that in 2020. I would like to know if that has been resolved.

Especially when I am trying to work around performance limits in Drawings. You would think
SW let's me do basic functionality like dimensions and selection of sketch elements.

Unfortunately NOT!!!

I place reference sketches inside parts or assembly. Sometimes to keep my model simple,
sometimes in large assemblies to refer to grid lines, rail tracks, perimeters etc.
Or to reuse existing customer provided 2D layout sketches that I want to show in my 3D drawings.

I either show the whole sketch in the specified drawing view or I convert selected sketch elements
into the drawing view. Depends on the complexity of my sketch.

Issue 1:

In any projected view I can make the sketch visible. I can select individual sketch elements
to convert them. Here comes the issue. I can't do that in a detail view. I can select the whole
sketch in the feature manager. But I can't select individual sketch elements.

Lines, Sketches only the most simple stuff and SW fails!!

Workaround: Convert the whole sketch onto a dummy layer. Move the items I want onto another layer and delete the rest.

Issue 2: Part/Asm sketches will not show block entities in the drawings. Make a sketch in the part
and add a sketch block. All sketch block items will be hidden in the drawing view when the sketch is made visible.


Issue 3:

Drawing blocks can not be dimensioned. I can convert drawings views to sketch blocks. GREAT!! I can not add dimensions.
What is SW thinking. Please tell me how much use do I get out of this functionality if I can't pick the most basic
lines or arcs to add dimensions. To be clear. I can dimension using endpoints. Thanks, but honestly that is little help.

Hopefully SW can and will fix this....