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Database not found... I can't open results

Question asked by Federico Bassi on Jun 23, 2020

Hi everyone,

yesterday morning I have run different simulations on SW2018: one thermal and one static with reference to the thermal simulation results. Simulation files and assembly are stored locally on my computer (no PDM). Today when I restarted the pc I got the "Database not found" message and even if the simulation files are still present in my results folder, I wasn't able to get back to the results. Is there a way to restore the results of these simulations?


Moreover, there were also other two simulations (added later, yesterday afternoon) in the same assembly file, that even if I saved correctly without any warning, today I couldn't find in my assembly (while the result files are still saved in the right folder)


Is there a way to address these annoying issues?

Thank you for your help SWorkers