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Why can't I use half of the drop down button im trying to use?

Question asked by Rien Euser on Jun 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Jim Sculley

Hello solid workers,


I'm having trouble selecting subassemblies using the right click menu in the viewing window. Only the right part of this arrow brings up the different subassemblies. I used microsoft paint to indicate there is an area of about 10-11 pixels wide where the drop down menu is able to be accessed. (hard to see how small it would be on my screen because of upscaling) Everything to the left of the drop down arrows leads to openening the part regardles of how many subassemlies its buried in. This would be fine, if I were pressing the large folder to the left of this, which I am not. I use two 4K screens and sometimes three, so my mouse sensitivity is generally fairly high. Nailing this 10 pixel wide window with a mach 2 mouse cursor whilst resisting the urge to click in the center of it, is beond frustrating. And at times, borderline impossible. 



-Is there any way to change the UI scale?

Yes. It's linked to windows UI scale, but doesn't change this issue 


-Is this broken drop down menu a feature or a well known bug?

Apparently it is indeed a bug. Thanks for the input everyone.  



Heres a representation of how this button works for me. The green area is what I can select to get to the drop down menu. The red area takes me straight to the individual part.