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What is the best way to create the attached PDF drawing?

Question asked by Vijay Pentapati on Jun 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by Tim Pulaski

We create an electrical wiring diagram to direct our technicians in wiring the equipment and control enclosures. The attached file is the diagram I created for the first time figuring out each step after another. I felt the following either difficult or there is a better way that I didn't figure out or poor design of the software

  1. Inserting multiple terminal blocks of selected type: I see that in terminal strip manager multiple terminal blocks can be inserted but couldn't figure out a way to select the type to be inserted. Is there a way? I have currently copied and inserted the terminal blocks multiple times to get the number.
  2. Wiring is a tedious task: I had to draw individual wires, connect them to terminals of symbols and then associate cable cores. After all of this, if I have to move the wire or symbol, repeat the whole process again (that is insane). There is no snapping feature? I had to zoom in at every segment to make the contacts. Let me know if there is a better way
  3. I see that drawing can be generated from terminal strip manager, but the wires have to be drawn connecting symbols or terminal blocks to show up in the manager. Generating the drawing doesn't make sense to me.
  4. I read that the line diagram can be created first and then the wiring schematic can be generated automatically. First problem was that I couldn't find all the symbols in line diagram symbol library that are available in schematic symbol library. And the second one is that I didn't particularly find any option to generate a schematic diagram from a line diagram. Please let me know if I missed something.
  5. I couldn't find any way to generate a point connect table. Could someone help me generate a table that shows points connected and wire between them.

Overall Solidworks electrical feels like a product the Solidworks isn't interested much in improving it. Or probably they are not focused on functionality I am looking for and is deemed basic in many other Softwares. Someone please help me or I will feel like being trapped in a marriage that can't do away with. 



Vijay Pentapati