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How would I pattern equally spaced holes on a non-circular surface? (SOLIDWORKS 2019)

Question asked by Jake Upsher on Jun 21, 2020
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I am not sure how to put holes of equal spacing on a non-circular surface (an extruded spline).


I have tried hole wizard then circular pattern but I can't get the equal spacing around the raquet right.


The main issue is i can make a hole but can't pattern it equally around the surface.


The design intent is for grommet holes (used to guide the strings) through the tennis raquet frame.


I have attached a photo of what grommet holes look like bellow to help with context. (obviously in my model all I want is a through hole)


I have also attached a photo of the raquet head which the holes should be patterned onto.


Hope that makes sense.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!